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As the prevailing emerging technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, robotics raises expectations on the transformation of business processes, ranging from supply chain till the customer service delivered by retailers.

Mobile Technology is capitalizing on the know-how of international pioneers in robotics, by providing Greek businesses access to specialized robots and their potential for the first time.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Cooperative robots by Fetch Robotics designed to cover the needs of Distribution Centers

They are available in models of 100, 500 and 1500Kg, all able to carry items, cases or palettes up to 1500Kg, depending on your needs.
AMRs are equipped with cutting edge visualization and mapping technologies, which combined to LiDAR and 3D cameras, allow them to perceive space and move with ease within a warehouse or factory, releasing businesses from the need to reconstruct their facilities. The robots’ intelligence enables them to dynamically change course, avoiding obstacles or humans, without any human intervention. They are ideal for repetitive warehouse tasks, including the transportation of heavy weights for long distances.
Infrastructure modifications are not required, therefore AMRs can be activated immediately (within a few hours), as well as adjusted on-demand via the Cloud robotics platform, while still in your warehouse.
They are easily integrated to external systems, ranging from scanners to WMS, via their interfaces, plus harmoniously combined with Honeywell Voice technology, creating a holistic and remarkably effective solution for working environments with high intensity picking.
Autonomous Mobile Robots can also increase productivity in processes, like order consolidation and kitting, replenishment, cross-docking and RFID scanning, while giving businesses the opportunity to utilize their warehouse users in other positions.

Pepper & NAO

The Interactive Humanoid Robots from SoftBankRobotics

Designed to communicate and interact with people, Pepper and NAO have a natural body language and charming voice tone. With the right software application, the humanoids can cover the needs of different industries like retail, tourism, healthcare, education, banking etc. plus any type of event.

They proved to be highly effective in welcoming, serving and entertaining visitors, as well as promoting products and offers, as they always attract the attention of people entering a venue or physical store. The humanoids are also suitable for teaching and keeping company to vulnerable social groups, for example elderly and kids. To create a futuristic experience for the visitors of your retail store, find out more about Pepper NAO

If you are interested in integrating robotics to your business, please contact one of our representatives.