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Alpha Mini

The humanoid robot, AlphaMini, is fully programmable by users and ideal for every AI Robotics education level. Based on the educational approach “Learning + Making”, it gives users the opportunity to practice and learn, hence leads them closer to innovation. 

Connected to ΑΙ cloud and able to respond to various possible questions, the robot can be utilized as an assistant for teachers, as well as for parents.
His natural inclination and ability to interact with humans, attracts the attention of children, makes them like him and at the same time, helps them develop social and other skills, like team work, project management, problem solving etc. This is a robot with human expressions and behavior that can sneeze -among other things- plus recognize its environment and control motion. 
AlphaMini includes the extensive open source platform ROSA and is compatible with other external applications and services, allowing users to manage it with ease via smartphone or computer.

Suitable for elementary and secondary school students (8+ years), the robot is equipped with:

• Camera HD
• Stereo Sound
• 3 sensors
• Gyroscope
• 14 servos
• 4 mic array
• Dual IPS LCD
• Communication Kit

If you wish to learn more about the humanoid robot AlphaMini, contact one of our representatives.

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