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Ukit Explore

Ukit Explore gives users the opportunity to design and program a robot or other “smart” constructions from scratch, using a great variety of electronic parts and sensors, as well as software. 

With Ukit Explore both beginners and experienced programmers can be entertained in a creative way, plus practice in robotics. By combining programming, math and physics, they achieve improved performance, like autonomous line-tracking and driving.

Accompanied by an Arduino-like controller, it supports open source blocks, plus multiple text programming languages for different levels, including C/C++. In addition, it provides a rich “library” created by users’ contribution from all over the world, which can become a useful source of inspiration.

Ukit Explore is suitable for secondary school and elementary (upper grade) students, available in 34+ models for you to choose.

The kit includes:

• 600+ parts and components
• 4 Sensors
• 16 servos
• Bluetooth speaker
• LED lamp

For the needs of younger students, we provide the differentiated editions, Ukit Entry & Advanced.

If you wish to find out more about Ukit Explore, just contact one of our representatives.

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