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The timeless value of education raises no doubts and based on international research, when combined with innovative teaching methods and new technologies, it is also able to speed up the development of knowledge and skills, as well as the scouting of new talents. In recent years, an increasing number of educational institutions all over the world are leaning towards robotics, since there is a great variety of available products addressing the different needs of elementary, high school and university students.

Mobile Technology’s investment in robotics, includes the promotion of robots in the Greek market, plus the software development required to make the best of their usage.

Teaching assistants

Robots can become the most interactive teaching assistants, as they manage to attract the attention of students and enhance their engagement. In addition, the content of their teaching can be further enriched, by incorporating games, quizzes etc. which transform learning into playing and therefore achieve better results. Find out more: Pepper NAO

Encouraging student engagement

Robots attract children and manage to sustain their attention with ease. Humanoids’ distinctive friendly approach and pleasant animation have proven to help students open up and become more active within a team, especially when it comes to children with special needs or simply shy characters. Find out more: Pepper NAO

Learning robotics at home

Creating or programming robots from scratch is the dominant trend in education, in accordance with the 4th Industrial Revolution spirit. Learning robotics is widely spread in both educational institutions and in-home pedagogy, as increasingly more parents wish their children to get acquainted with robotics, while playing at home. Find out more: Alpha Mini Ukit Explore


Robots providing access to advanced management platforms are suitable for education, as they enable the in-depth study of their autonomous movement, interaction with humans etc. In Mobile Technology you will find fully programmable robots, which are accessible via IDE (Python, Drag & drop interface), SDK’s (Python C++) and/or SDK’s for Android (Java or Kotlin). Find out more: Pepper NAO

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