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  • Barcode Scanner - DS2278
  • Barcode Scanner - DS2278

Code | 003-0-0140

Barcode Scanner - DS2278

Barcode Scanner - DS2278

Suitable for:


Cordless Bluetooth Scanner 1D/2D

Technology Area Imager
Barcode 1D & 2D
Interfaces Bluetooth with USB cradle
Includes Presentation Cradle and USB Kit (Cable: Series A Connector, 7ft Shielded Straight), Black
Warranty 5 years


Guaranteed Full Shift Battery Power; with 14 hours of power, your cordless DS2278 imagers are always available for use — no need to waste time recharging during the business day.

With our industry-first Scan-to-Connect technology, your workers can pair the cordless DS2278 with any Bluetooth enabled PC, tablet or smartphone in a single step

Plug the imager directly into the host or any standard wall socket via the Micro USB cable to charge the DS2278 in just an hour. The Presentation Cradle, which provides hands-free scanning, charges the DS2278 in just four hours. The Presentation cradle charges the battery during use, so you can keep the scanner in service during charging. And since the Presentation Cradle doesn’t require a separate power supply, there are fewer accessories to purchase and manage
workers can simply place the imager in its presentation stand to automatically switch to hands-free mode – no change of settings is required.

The long-lasting 2400 mAh Lithium Ion battery in the cordless DS2278 will likely never need to be replaced, reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying everyday management by eliminating the need to purchase and manage a battery pool.